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There is some effort underway to go back and correct typos and errors in “April” and “Down to Earth”. It is not a hurry-up sort of thing but will be done eventually.

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Editing of the new book –

Appears to be substandard. I’m going through it and try to clean up a lot myself. I have several people feeding me errors also. I have to admit after doing a compare of the two files my editor found mostly things I never would have caught. But the things he missed were still significant. I’m […]

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What do you think?

-About  “The Middle of Nowhere? One of the difficult things about a series is the longer it gets the more previous material a new reader hasn’t seen. If you want the book to make sense to a new reader you have to fill in some information. There are more or less awkward ways to do […]

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“The Middle of Nowhere” is uploaded

Whenever it gets done propagating through the Amazon system it will be live and available for sale.  I think I have it set to show on the Amazon Associate links on the right when it is up. We’ll see. Thank you for your patience. I realize it is well past due.  I’ll leave it at […]

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