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Spam….Pink, slimy, soul sucking Spam

I dropped one spam program because they were donation ware, I sent them a donation, but they took the same donation out of my PP account a year later. Nowhere did I see it was an annual authorization. The new program let stuff through. After tweaking it seems to be working. but let me know […]

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Chapter 5 of next April book

Chapter 5   The next morning at breakfast April thanked Gunny again for supporting her at ISSII. “It wasn’t so much supporting you personally, as I agree we can’t let the Norte Americanos slide back into ignoring treaty provisions and limiting travel to Home. They will just keep picking away at it if we let […]

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Another snippet of next “April” series book.

Chapter 4   They docked at ISSII and never went in spin, staying in the zero G mast, just moving down to another dock that had a screen showing a shuttle to Home in twenty minutes. The well inked man and his two bodyguards joined them, with one of the guards standing right at the […]

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Regarding comments:

I received a comment in both English and Chinese. I did not approve it to be posted. I have no problem with the Chinese people or language, but I lack the ability to read it. I would not delete it for a negative opinion, but I have no idea if it is spam or really […]

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Progress on many fronts

I’m feeling better. The first week home from the hospital was horrible, but I’ve made good progress. I’m out shopping and cooking again. And my writing has picked back up. I have 53k words on the new April book and 24k on the sequel to Family Law. And it’s fun.

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