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The Power of Science Fiction

Everything we have today such as cell phones, satellite communications, robotic surgery, lasers, personal computer, digital cameras, all sprang from the imagination of dreamers. Somebody dreamed like this:       And then somebody did the engineering and bent some metal and had the nerve to climb in the damn thing. And we have this:

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The Charm of Country Stores

Above all they are practical. No fancy marketing. They have a sense of humor about themselves and often a resident cat. They may be good or bad but they are usually the only choice for many miles around. They often have a little restaurant with two mismatched tables and no two chairs alike. The donuts […]

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“Family Law” Snippet – # 2

Chapter 2             He woke in the early dawn, the perimeter lights still blazing but the sky behind them a bright salmon instead of black. Sticking up between his true arms was a little head with her nose buried in his arm pit. Her arms were curled in front of her with her hands crossed […]

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About my first sale

I have been reading science fiction since I was in the 5th grade in elementary school. I didn’t get the bug to try writing it myself until I retired. Part of that was that I did poorly in school in my English classes. My spelling is not very good and my grammar tends to fall […]

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A Snippet of “Family Law”

  Family Law Chapter 1 The campfire cast a yellow bubble of light in the deepening dusk, the exotic wood burning with a sharp spicy smell. The cozy circle of warmth and safety around the open fire was one of the pleasures of being far from civilization. Wild fires on this world burned until they […]

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Another drip in the torrent

People are creative. It amazes me how inventive they are. I once heard that there was a periodical publication called the Gazette of the Patent system. Since I like gadgets and worked with mechanical things it seemed like something to which a subscription would be desirable. I called up the Patent Office in D.C. and […]

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