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“April” Chapter 3 The Main Character

Our heroine finally shows up:

Chapter 3

            Monday morning, nine o’clock was three hours into main-shift on Mitsubishi 3. April Lewis was listening to the Earth news for October 4, 2083 while she walked to the cafeteria to meet her …

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“April” 2nd Chapter snippet

This is still story intro. April is introduced in the next chapter.

Chapter 2

            At the other end of M3 another agent of the USNA had also experienced some difficulty. He was in fact, one of the spooks Art had …

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“April” First Chapter Snippet

Building on Prologue posted last – book is done at 200k words. A big fat book.

Chapter 1

            Art checked the time again. It was 09:27, Sunday, Oct 3, 2083. He was finally past the three day hold he’d been …

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And generations later…

The world of aliens with a racial memory described in the prologue posted last meet men. Those with the advantage of perfect memory have spread through the world and subdued it. It would be a very homogenous society but accidents …

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Prologue for new book

I would like to consider what would happen if humans meet a race with perfect memory – not just of their own life but a encyclopedic memory of their ancestor’s lives. That line of thought made me consider – How …

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Book Cover Attempt

This is my first effort at trying any ‘painting’ program. Gimp in this case. I will read the instructions and try again. He is supposed to have a middle arm in the pic but it looks like a hip…The whole …

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“Family Law” #3

Chapter 3

            Derfhome didn’t look that much different from orbit than Earth. Different shapes to the land, a little bit less water, but blue and green and brown with white swirls much the same. Lee was old enough now to …

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