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First chapter possible book

I’m tempted to write an action book similar to David Drake’s work or John Ringo’s Kildar series. The main character is a bit larger than life and the action fast and rough. The language is coarser without going totally nasty, …

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An Ohio trip – w/pix

We visited friends in Ohio who have a hard time visiting us because of their health. I spent a couple days with no writing time, but very rewarding for giving me a different perspective than what surrounds me here in …

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Success with free book offer

I’m happy to report that I moved over a hundred copies of “Common Ground and Other Stories” this weekend. My report doesn’t break down which were free and which paid, but most were free. I was informed you had to …

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New book up – “April”

On Amazon/Kindle. I’m off B&N Nook at least temporarily while I try Amazon’s lending program to Prime. Click image for link or

April is actually the first book I wrote although I published others first. I tried publishing April …

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Ball and Chain – A stand alone short


Ball and Chain

Mackey Chandler

            “It’s this damn Slump,” Tim Kirkland grumped. “There’s no market for even Earth mined materials, how can Luna possibly develop an economy without exports? If it wasn’t for defense they’d have probably pulled back …

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