I did a failed save and briefly had The Long View live with an extra dinkus and an extra blank page. It’s corrected if you bought it that way you can update to get the fix.…

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The Long View published

It may take a little time to work through their system. Here is my temporary cover.

OK – URL live now. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CJYL6JZ7

I got my cover from Sarah Hoyt. It will catch up when Amazon propagates it.

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Another unedited snippet of April 14

Mike Morse joined the coffee pot crowd at the cafeteria. His status with them went up when he became self-employed. Although they still made ritual fun of Glen for buying into Eric’s lotto, a few secretly bought into Mike’s numbers …

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Snippet of April 14 unedited

“Of course, dear. Come in tomorrow and we’ll look at some designs and pick something for you. Your measurements are stable so no need to take them again. You’ll be close enough to our numbers that a final fitting can …

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An unedited quick snippet of April 14

The Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Taikan, considered the fold over invitation on his desk carefully. The paper was thick and had a faintly shiny surface without feeling slick. It was slightly translucent and had a sprig of rose leaves …

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