April / Family Law series in order: Updated 10/3/2022

Down to Earth
The Middle of Nowhere
A Different Perspective
A Depth of Understanding
They said it would be Easy
And What Goes Around
It’s Always Something
A Sudden Departure
Been There Done That
All in Good Time
Who Can Own the Stars?
Let Us tell You Again

Works in progress will merge the series.

Family Law
The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet
Secrets in the Stars
A Hop, Skip and a Jump
Friends in the Stars
Another Word for Magic

Stand Alone Works:
Paper or Plastic? Full length novel, my first published.
Neither Here nor There
Common Ground and Other Stories, a book length collection of shorts.
Going Up?, another good sized collection of shorts.
Adverse Possession, a single short.
No Early Birds, A single short.
Fair Trade, an alien invasion story.
Nobody Taught Me to Cookbook, very basic.

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