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A rough snippet from April 12

“Mr. Hall, I’m Henri Colombe. We met at dinner in France.”

“Certainly Monsieur Colombe. I remember you well.” Irwin also remembered he’d seemed rather cold and skeptical of Jeff and Jeff’s associates. Even though it was Jeff who had extended …

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Out to readers

April 11 = “All in Good Time” is being read. Sits back and waits for incredulous replies and accusations of dementia. No, no, it’s the booze.…

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Coming along.

April 11 is at 121k words.
Looking back for continuity I found a couple small errors such as mixing Alpha Centauri with Proxima Centauri. I’ll fix those too.…

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Book anchor –

I do this with an idea. I write enough of an intro to lock down the idea for later. Some of them I’ll likely never have time to get back to. The core idea in this one is what if …

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