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April 13 a snippet.

Most of my time is being spent on the next Family Law book. But when I need a break I work on April 13. I did this today As always rough and unedited.
“Come look. It’s doing it again,” …

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A snippet from Family Law 6

April woke up slowly. Normally her eyes popped open and she was eager to get up. Today she still felt tired and a bit stiff, to the point she wondered if she was coming down with something. It had been …

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Leaving Facebook

I don’t feel I can give Facebook my clicks anymore. It’s a horrid toxic environment. I liked to promote my books there but I’m leaving tomorrow. Ending my account. I’ll try to post more promotional material here. I’m on MeWe …

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A rough snippet from April 12

“Mr. Hall, I’m Henri Colombe. We met at dinner in France.”

“Certainly Monsieur Colombe. I remember you well.” Irwin also remembered he’d seemed rather cold and skeptical of Jeff and Jeff’s associates. Even though it was Jeff who had extended …

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