An April 11 snippet

As requested another April 11 snippet. The book is past 66k words.

Heather didn’t get many requests for a private audience from her landholders. They could speak to her after she held her weekly court, but most were too …

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Print of April and Family Law

Well I have a new supposedly cleanly formatted print copy of April. The young man helping me has been through two moves weeks apart, two illnesses, and starting school. Can’t entirely fault him. Looked at every page carefully in preview …

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April #11 a new snippet

Irwin appeared in their video exactly like the official North American release showed him, except he had on a heavy neck collar attached to a waist chain and another long heavy chain hanging to ankle shackles. A separate long chain …

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A free short – too small to publish


“The first thing you have to remember is that Earthmen lie.”

“I’m sure we have very skilled negotiators who can deflect and limit their responses with the best of them,” Planetary Administrator Oolapon hissed.

The hiss had no emotional …

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A snippet of April 11

In Northern California, Eileen was still in her first year with her new husband Victor Foy. He was a local and older than her. She was a refugee from Southern California, displaced by the bombardment of Vandenberg that Jeff mentioned …

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Temporarily withdrew paper

I’m having difficulty with the paperback editions. You change one thing and it changes others unexpectedly. The young fellow helping me with this is tied up getting a place to live for a couple weeks so I’m just pulling them …

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A snippet of April 11

Irwin Hall had a very productive meeting in Havana with a number of bankers and investment professionals from South America. None of them were interested in provoking the Giant to their north. Irwin assured them the habitat offering would be …

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Cleaning up my act

Both “April” and “Family Law” in Kindle have been run through Grammarly to correct much of the punctuation. This will be carried forward to all the books as I am able and the print editions in time. The newer print …

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