A rough snippet from Family Law 5

“We have a notice in the weekly communication to be on the lookout for two operatives missing from Fargone,” Bill King said.

“Did they send their biometric data or are we supposed to figure out who they might be on …

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A rough snippet of April 11

Jeff Singh, Irwin Hall, and Eddie Persico sat off by the back wall in the cafeteria, drinking coffee and conspiring. On Earth that would have been like the Governor of the Federal Bank, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the …

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A snippet of Family Law 5

Pamela Harvac wasn’t comfortable being a spy. That wasn’t what she signed up for when she was recruited to State. She blamed her discomfort on her mother’s strict upbringing and attending religious schools. All her life having a secret was …

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Another little snippet of FL#5

“I never expected her to buy a new machine,” Born said. He said it in a perfectly normal controlled voice, but his eyes were as big as saucers. Musical had to admit he was pretty impressed too. Neither did Lee …

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A snippet of Family Law 5

“The Foys are requesting our further assistance in providing a facilities manager for their embassy,” the First Mother announced over breakfast to the Second and Third Mum. “What are your thoughts on that?”

“I wish the Badgers had done so,” …

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Family Law #5 – a snippet

Lee was having breakfast on the balcony and enjoying the morning view. The Old Hotel was only four stories high, with her suite on the top floor. That was one floor higher than most of the other buildings in Derfhome, …

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