April #9 is done.

I’m sending it out to readers today and tomorrow. I have to look in my old computer to get addresses. I may cut a few off I’ve used. It takes a long time to check a large number of readers. Then I want to get the paper edition of “Family Law” back in print and […]

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A small snippet of “A Sudden Departure” April #9

Raw and unedited as usual. Not the main story line but interesting I hope.   Jonathan was sitting by the stove, sharpening his ax. It was warm now, almost too warm, because he’d been able to cut some limbs and deadfall finally to feed the stove extravagantly. The snow was receding around the chalet and […]

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Can’t use Kurt. Already have a character Kurt started in the last book…Oh. Got Kurt and Karl transposed a couple times. Fixed it and uploaded to Amazon. And nobody caught it….

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Free –

“Common Ground and Other Stories” will be free 1/9/2017 Can’t get it to display right or link……..   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0050YYVHY

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A short snippet from April #9

Aaron was almost done with his supper. Karl figured he better ask him for the favor before he stood up. Aaron wasn’t big on patience to stand and listen when he was ready to march off. “Keith Petros has a new concert recording out that everybody says is just tremendous. Do you think you could […]

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