On the new deal…

If we come to an agreement I am going to have professional editing done on all my books that have not been edited yet. The purpose is for the paper editions but I made it a condition that I can use the edited manuscript to up date my Amazon Kindle books too.

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Paper books…

I have a deal in the works to get paper editions printed. I’m hoping we can agree on everything and work out a deal. Waiting on a wet ink contract.

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“Going Up?” – Free Wednesday March 26

Would you like some shorts? Tell your friends please.


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Updated book –

I just posted a major edit of “Family Law”. It usually takes overnight to propagate through the system so sometime tomorrow you can get a fresh copy if you choose to force it to reload.

The sequel if over 100K works and almost done – then first readers and editing.

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“April” free 3/5/2014

“April” will be free again Wednesday March 5th all day Pacific time.


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Forgot to post – “Going Up?” – free today!


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Anybody read the new book?

I’d sure appreciate if somebody would review it.

Got one – thanks.

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“A Depth of Understanding” is up!

It should propagate through the Amazon system in the next couple days.
I have some thank you credits on the title page. This makes nine novels and collections of shorts total. Thank you all for your help and interest. -Mac’


A reader sent me some typos and errors this morning so I applied them to the text and loaded it. Should be up if anybody wants to force a reload.

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“April” is free this weeked.

Do you have a friend who might like it?

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Still waiting on an editor. Plus a new collection.

I’m waiting on one last fellow for errors. He’s good at this so I don’t want to lose his input.
I’m going to publish another collection of shorts. Not as big as ‘Common Ground’ but it will only be a buck. Most of the stories have been shared here on the blog, so you may not want to get it unless you want them on your Kindle.
Title is “Going Up?” and has an elevator theme on the cover.
Thanks for your patience.

Cover of new collection:


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