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“Eddie” A stand alone short story

  “Eddie“ By Mackey Chandler             I remember the first time I saw Eddie. We didn’t really meet. I was in the cafeteria trying to eat breakfast and there was the usual parade of people with problems, or petitions, or just trying to suck up to the boss, all clueless to the fact that the […]

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A new stand alone short: “Breakfast of Champions”

Breakfast of Champions By Mackey Chandler                 Secretary of State for the United Americas the honorable Lewis Poule examined the urgent  message printout with distaste. The third alien race known to Humanity in Survey System 8423, three hundred odd light years from Earth had suddenly developed a problem. The Abroteen as their own language named […]

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New stand alone short – “A Mother’s Son”

A Mother’s Son By Mackey Chandler             Theodore looked out the narrow port of the ballistic express and watched the glare of the sun disappear behind the curve of the earth. He’d be on the ground six hours before it managed to catch up. He took another sip of champagne and his implant scrolled a […]

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Ball and Chain – A stand alone short

  Ball and Chain Mackey Chandler             “It’s this damn Slump,” Tim Kirkland grumped. “There’s no market for even Earth mined materials, how can Luna possibly develop an economy without exports? If it wasn’t for defense they’d have probably pulled back and mothballed the Moon bases already. For sure they would have if they weren’t […]

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