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What’s happening 3/31/2012

I’ve finished the sequel to “April”. It will be titled “Down to Earth” per beta reader Xander Opal. It has to have a little editing and it will go up as my fifth Kindle book. The third book in the series is started and will be titled “The Middle of Nowhere” “Paper or Plastic?” already […]

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Free book 3/31-4/1 “Paper or Plastic?”

Paper or Plastic? was not the first book I wrote, but it was the first I published to Kindle. It started because of a discussion in the AIM baenbarchat room on channel 5. It was remarked science fiction has exotic scenes of star ship bridges and exotic worlds, but few everyday places. So of course […]

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Sequel to “April” – second chapter

I’m well along on my sequel to April. I have not named it yet and no, May will not do. It has some necessary lead in material that any sequel needs to catch the reader up to date. It may be a spoiler if you have not read “April” so be warned if you don’t […]

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