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Snippet – First chapter of “The Middle of Nowhere”

The Middle of Nowhere By: Mackey Chandler Third book in the “April” series. Sequel to “Down to Earth”        April was tired and a bit depressed. Her trip down to Earth was a failure. She hadn’t rescued the two lieutenants who had asked her to help them get to Home. She had certainly tweaked the […]

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Making a book is easy – Hah!

Don’t you believe it for a minute. I started out using MobiPocket Creator to make a file which the Amazon web site would convert into a Kindle book. It sort of worked. Of course it looked like it was assembled by a typesetter on LSD. There were unexplained gaps and lines and indents…and sometimes what […]

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April is FREE again Sat. 4/21

Help yourself please. I’ve updated the file on Amazon to make it much easier to read. I’ll post about that later tonight. If you have an older copy of “April” you should be able to get the update by deleting and getting it again off your Manage my Kindle page.

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No Fun at All – Mackey Chandler

Jeremy Kyle was hurting. He’d got a whipping from his uncle on top of the one from Billie Lee Osborne and a lecture about how the only way to deal with a bully was to stand your ground and fight them even if you got whipped. It rankled him that his uncle felt it his […]

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New book up – “Down to Earth”

April seems to make a habit of rescues. Now two lieutenants from the recent war appeal to her for help to reach Home. The secret they hold makes their escape doubtful. Her family and business associates all think that is a good idea. North America, the USNA, has been cheating in their treaty obligations and […]

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How it goes…

I ended up giving away over 5,000 copies of “Paper or Plastic?” I also saw somebody returned a copy of “April” for refund. That’s the first that is ever happened. Upon investigating I found I had edited a typo somebody pointed out and when I submitted the new file it did not convert properly to […]

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