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New Chapter in cookbook on Safety.

I had a friend point out that any cookbook for a totally inexperienced cook really needs a chapter on safety. I totally agree. Chapter 4  – Safety. Dry goods like flour or rice will last indefinitely if sealed in airtight containers to keep out pests. Some insects however are so aggressive they will chew through […]

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Chapters 3 and 4 of cookbook

Chapter 3  – All three meals? What to make. Restaurant owners know that people have price resistance to certain meals. Very few people will pay the same for breakfast as for supper. Lunch items may be exactly the same as what is offered for supper, but they are usually smaller portions and a smaller price. […]

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A very basic cookbook for people who have zero skills.

This is the first two chapters. Please tell me if I have the tone right. Next I’ll post some actual recipes and meal suggestions. Nobody Taught Me to Cookbook Mackey Chandler Chapter 1  – What we shall accomplish with this book. Many of my male friends don’t know how to cook. They were unwelcome in […]

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Chapter 5 of “The Middle of Nowhere”

Chapter 5 April started researching what was available to study economics. She’d find a formal class, but needed to know enough to even pick one. Jeff would expect her to do much more than a superficial look at the subject, and if she was going to be a bank owner she really should have a […]

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