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A new snippet of “Conspiracy Theory” Chapter 4

I have some formatting issues here from Word. It’s readable though. Sorry. The town of Potola was the last decent sized place to buy supplies before his camp ground. There was a little place called Beckwourth that wasn’t an official town, just a place name. They had a good tavern that served a pulled pork […]

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A Short Story for you.

I’ll eventually publish another collection of shorts when I have enough, like “Common Ground and other Stories”. But for now…     Ball and Chain Mackey Chandler      “It’s this damn Slump,” Tim Kirkland grumped. “There’s no market for even Earth mined materials, how can Luna possibly develop an economy without exports? If it wasn’t […]

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New Banner

Mr. Lutz posted this art to FaceBook and invited anyone to use it. Note I left his attribution and copyright in the corner. His space station seemed much more science-fictiony than my flower photography. I did stretch it a bit to make it a banner. It retains the feeling really well.

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Another Big Snippet of “Conspiracy Theory”

Chapter 2 The rental car clerk acted like he was a criminal for wanting a small pickup truck. He kept a two seat electric run-about for commuting to work and shopping. If the young woman was such a strict environmentalist, why was she even working for a car rental company? His little commuter car wouldn’t […]

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First chapter of a possible book

See if you can tell where this is going. Tell me what you think. HooDoo Chapter 1 The cab was in a queue of much nicer cars. There was a canopy from the door of his destination clear to the curb, and very much needed today, with a steady cold rain. A uniformed doorman with […]

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