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3rd Chapter next April boook

Chapter 3   Their  shuttle was a Mitsubishi, and April was surprised to see it looked old. She was accustomed to most things around her looking new, until she expected it without a second thought. Something like a landing shuttle tended to become obsolete before it wore out. It would be cut up and scrapped […]

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First chapter of a sequel for “Family Law”

 Family Business   by Mackey Chandler A “Family Law” Novel     Chapter 1     It wasn’t like Fargone to be bureaucratic. They prided themselves on independence so it seemed unlikely the United States of North America or any other Earth power was pressuring them to not sell military supplies to Derf. The Derf […]

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New snippet of 5th April book

Chapter 2   “I’m thinking on what Lin told us yesterday,” April told Heather. “We’re getting none of that picture about what life is like on Earth from the news agencies. How do we know what’s happening on the street level? Sometimes I get hints about it from reports of ‘wrecker’ busting windows or shooting […]

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The Author

Is still alive, and home from the hospital late Sunday. There is blood in the toilet this morning so I have no idea how long I’ll stay home. I’d really really like to finish the next April book before I croak. – I’m pleased people want to read them. – Mac’

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