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Progress –

The 5th April book, “A Depth of Understanding” is at 103k words and the sequel to “Family Law” – “The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet” is at 56k words. I have just done an occasional few hundred words on the other books started as long as I don’t get blocked on these two. I […]

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Trying a new thing.

I like to give away free copies now and then. Amazon has a new promotional idea I’ll try though. A sort of a count-down sale. Tomorrow Wed. (11/13) the price of “The Middle of Nowhere” will drop to $1.99 – the next day it is $2.99 and then it goes back up to full price. […]

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One page flash short – Improvement

Improvement By: Mackey Chandler The number of stars gathered around the monitor was impressive. They were all general officers and Captain Joe Buckley was tense with so much high powered brass looking over his shoulder. So far he’d been able to answer all their questions in a manner that kept his own boss lurking in […]

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