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Short stories…

Shorts just don’t seem to excite people very much. I’ve kept “Common Ground and Other Stories” cheaper than the novels, but it has never sold well. I’m just going to put it at a buck and hope if people will buy it for that price they’ll consider the others. I’d like people to try it […]

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Various works in progress…

I actually have seven books in progress. When I have an idea I usually start a book by writing the first chapter. I also have a few books that are just a few paragraphs on what the main story line will be. A couple are well along. One at 70k+ words. This is one where […]

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More on book in progress. Title=HooDoo

This is one fairly far down the list I work on when I’m in the right mood. The first chapter was posted about a fellow attending the reading of his fathers will. That is at Chapter 2 The VIP hospitality lounge at Atlanta’s Hartsfield International was better than being on the concourse, only to […]

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