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I’ve sent out revisions of “The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet”. It will be better for all the help I received. I’m still on track to get paper books. I may be able to have a limited number of hard bound books and intend to sign some of them. The fellow I’m working with […]

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April #6 – snippet

This may not end up the first chapter but it’s where I started. Just 3K words. No working title yet. Raw copy – not edited at all – nobody has seen it. Chapter 1 The sun was very dim but sufficient illumination to work once your eyes adjusted. If they had been back at Home […]

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Long Voyage of the Little Fleet is done.

Quite early this morning wrapped it up. I’m spending the day with my wife and letting it get out of my head for a day. Then a quick read through and it goes to the beta readers. Paper books still coming. Now I’ll go back and do another April book and perhaps finish up ‘Outcast’ […]

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The Long Wait for The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet

It’s been so long getting it out I decided I should drop another chapter on y’alls. This is the book that has snippets in the back scroll as ‘Family Business’. Please be aware these are the rough unedited snippets like you’d get in an advance reader copy. – Added a paragraph later in the day. […]

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