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A snippet from April #6

Annette used to like rice. It had been an occasion treat and change of pace in their diet when she was growing up in Armstrong, the North American moon base. When her family escaped Armstrong and established residence in Central it became even rarer. In Camelot it was the main source of calories. They still […]

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Conspiracy Theory

Some of you will be happy to know I needed a break from April and after writing about four chapters on #6 I am spending a little time on “Conspiracy Theory”. I have two other stand alone books well along. Tentatively titled “Outcast” and “HooDoo”. HooDoo is a little different because after having a couple […]

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Link hot on Amazon for new book.

The cover isn’t updated yet checking just now at 10PM but the sales page is otherwise working if you don’t feel like searching. My Amazon widget on the right is messed up and so old it is no longer supported. It will be replaces by a revolving slide show soon. The link is:  

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A partial chapter in April #6

A glimpse of what Jeff is up to. The FedEx distribution center in Allentown Pennsylvania got a shipment of an anticancer drug for redistribution. The sort that benefited greatly from being purified in zero G. And one of the few so widely used its ultimate source was ignored by the USNA. Even at that it […]

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LVOTLF – my part done and other stuff

After all the beta reader remarks and corrections I’m done with “The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet and sending it to my publisher for the final detail edit. I think this is the cleanest copy I’ve put out so far. I should learn something as I go along after all. I’ll see how long […]

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