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New start to Family Law 3

The previous was pretty horrible. I trashed it and started over. This works better – more stuff happening now and less info dump. Chapter 1 Lee was strapped in watching the big plot screen above the physical view ports. There wasn’t much to see through the ports unless they were near a planet or station. […]

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Comments from elsewhere –

So far am told this is too much to absorb and keep straight for somebody who hasn’t read the previous books. Rereading it I think it is too dense. It’s easy for me to understand – because it is all in my head. I’m going to start writing again and try to generalize more and […]

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Snippet of April #6 –

I may put one more after this. Un-copyedited. Changed the ending twice perfecting it… The Fox and Hare was busy. It had been so busy of late that April felt obligated to inquire what evenings were less solidly booked. The host hadn’t wanted to answer at first, firmly insisting he would accommodate her at any […]

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