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The Undead…

I don’t DO zombies. If you need a fix try my buddy John. A real military guy who has been on the pointy end and zombies. Obviously I don’t suggest this after a double pepperoni pizza and margaritas at bed time. He assures me this might be more to my reader’s tastes…

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Snippet of April 7 – rough/unedited

Chapter 2 April’s com signaled a priority message. She only had a dozen people on that list. It was Jeff Singh. “Lunch in the cafeteria in twenty minutes? And some show and tell?” he offered. April looked at the time in the corner of her screen, 1124, that would get them in just ahead of […]

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Will add subscriptions –

I didn’t think about subscriptions to posts as well as comments. The lady doing my site will add that option soon. For those who want the snippets especially as my other post tend to be short.

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I’ll have a new version of April up soon.

April has been edited twice. Not the best job in the world. Now it is being edited to put it on paper. I am going through it myself as I don’t want to need to re-edit it for paper as I had to do Family Law. I’ve learned a few things in the last decade. […]

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Fixed a few glitches.

“And What Goes Around” has sold very well. I sold 121 books yesterday which is a new one day record for me. So of course I’m very happy. One reader reported a section showed on his tablet as all in bold. I haven’t been able to reproduce that. There is a section a bit past […]

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It’s in the machine…

When the maws of Amazon get done crunching it “And What Goes Around” will be published. This is the cover:

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Unedited snippet of Family Law #3

The scientist whose name was a long genealogy to put Gordon’s true name to shame for length was setting up another ‘burn’. His associates called him Pretty Purple for short. As often happens the nick name embarrassed him, but stuck. His co-workers and friends understood it meant the bioluminescent spots on his hide had a […]

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Family Law #3

Got 9K words on it. Looking for a snippet that doesn’t reveal everything… Oh – I learned to make active links in the posts. WordPress changed it so if you don’t add a title under the link it won’t just use the URL. So you have to enter the URL in both windows. Didn’t used […]

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