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A short snippet of Family Law #3 as always raw/unedited

Alex their shuttle pilot was smooth. Better than Lee remembered Gordon or either of her parents ever being at landing. She wasn’t even sure exactly when they touched down. He had all three pads touching the ground but most of the shuttle’s weight still held against the thrust. Outside a storm of salt blew away […]

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Finally got an answer –

Well I finally got a clear answer on updating a book (April), on Amazon. Short of it is they have to send it out to old customers. When you update a book it only changes for new purchases. The changes have to be what they consider as having a significant effect on quality, and they […]

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I adjusted my foreign prices.

I used to let Amazon do the currency exchange calculation for the US value. I realized that would run the price up and down every few hours. 3.76 Euro one day 3.81 the next. I set it at even numbers so people know what to expect from day to day. Also exchange rates have gotten […]

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A snippet of “Family Law” 3 raw unedited as always

“Wake up, Jon. They’re coming back in,” his com insisted loudly. Jon muttered something that probably meant, “Yes, I’m getting up.” He sat up, rubbed his face with both hands and sealed his soft boots up. He’d never taken them off and still had a suit liner on. He staggered in the head and relieved […]

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