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Snippet of Family Law 4 – rough and unedited as always

“Message coming in for Talker,” Jon Burris said. “Big message coming in,” Jon said, amazed. “They couldn’t wait until we were close enough to speak around the speed of light lag,” Talker said, with a resigned sigh. “Go ahead and put it on an open channel and a real time translation. It’s going to be […]

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Well crud…

I had a spaceship clone itself. I left Murphy’s Law at Fargone and then started writing about it again… Will fix it. Far Away! And that’s how easy it is to mess it up.  

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Snippet from “They Said it would be Easy.

Rough, unedited as usual. “I have reports from several of Chen’s operatives about why Earthies are ordering things from Home companies they should be able to make,” Jeff said on com. He had the oddest look on his face. “I’ll read them in detail,” April promised. “But if you want to give me a quick […]

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