Got 41k words on sequel to “Family Law”.  I’m still not happy with “Family Business” as a title. Perhaps something in the story will jump out in time.

The April Book is tentatively named “A Depth of Understanding” and is at 80k words. I seem to run longer on it before I get brain locked and need to switch a bit. Might do one more snippet of ADoU – maybe skip ahead a chapter.

About Mac

Mac' Chandler is a retired in the pleasant little town of Rochester MI and writes when he isn't puttering about being a house husband. I've taken to posting my writing for sale on Kindle. I hang out at Baen Bar Chat and shoot rifles even older than me. I've worked so many jobs it is hard to remember them all. Most had to do with some flavor of machining or construction. In particular I was a mold maker and a plumber. I enjoy photography and when I have the patience drawing. For some reason animals like me, not so much people. I stop at garage sales when I see them as well as most red lights. If you see a beat up old black pickup truck that looks like it needs towed I may be somewhere close.
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9 Responses to Progress…

  1. Jerry Boyd says:

    I take it that Conspiracy Theory has been tabled for the time being?

  2. Xander Opal says:

    Perhaps the sequel should be called The Long Tour?

  3. Gary Roulston says:

    Just a wild suggestion is “Long Voyages” or “Long Distance Voyages”.

    Thinking of my Coast Guard patrols in the Bering Sea.

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