Trying a new thing.

I like to give away free copies now and then. Amazon has a new promotional idea I’ll try though. A sort of a count-down sale. Tomorrow Wed. (11/13) the price of “The Middle of Nowhere” will drop to $1.99 – the next day it is $2.99 and then it goes back up to full price. I didn’t do “April” or “Down to Earth” because they have been free recently. Let me know if you have any opinions on this as a sales tool. – Mac’

About Mac

Mac' Chandler is a retired in the pleasant little town of Rochester MI and writes when he isn't puttering about being a house husband. I've taken to posting my writing for sale on Kindle. I hang out at Baen Bar Chat and shoot rifles even older than me. I've worked so many jobs it is hard to remember them all. Most had to do with some flavor of machining or construction. In particular I was a mold maker and a plumber. I enjoy photography and when I have the patience drawing. For some reason animals like me, not so much people. I stop at garage sales when I see them as well as most red lights. If you see a beat up old black pickup truck that looks like it needs towed I may be somewhere close.
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2 Responses to Trying a new thing.

  1. Duggan Matson says:

    I love the April Series very much and can’t wait for more. I liked the sale on the books, I picked up basically the whole series at once because it was suggested to me, and I saw your post about books being on sale.
    I hope that you do more sales in the future. I like your books and have been talking them up to my friends and it easy to convince them to pick up your books with the good prices to start with, but it will be even easier to get them to pick up when I tell them they are on sale. I also hope that you will listen to my request that you give a Dollar price break on the normal price for the first day or two when the future books come out. It helps you get more sales up front, especially if you blog or have an email sent to all of your readers telling them your new book will be released in two days or something.
    Like I said can’t wait for the next books to come out in the April series. Know it will be a good one from what I have read on your blog post about it so far. Thank you for spending the time to write them.
    P.S. It tickled me to see “Duggan” in your book and I like having both “g”s :)

    • Mac says:

      Thanks, I appreciate the plugs. That’s a good idea to do an opening sale. I’ll check and see what Amazon will allow me to do. I just found out I can’t do free days and count-down sales both in a 90 day period. – Mac’

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