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Another small snippet of Family Law 4

Unedited and rough as always. It’s a bit past 40k words. ……….. “Lee’s learning to speak so pretty and tactfully,” Gordon said, amused. “I’m sure the message was more like, “If you think you can cross me on this I’ll have Gordon skin you out and make a hand puppet out of you.” Lee didn’t […]

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A small raw snippet from Family Law #4

“How interesting,” April said. “Lee Anderson has hired the very same private investigators we use in Armstrong to run a series of inquiries on us.” “I knew she wasn’t stupid,” Dakota said. “And Marsh and Hasan are the best in the business. I give her points for zeroing in on them to hire. My only […]

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A short snippet of Family Law #4

Rough and unedited as always, but just to give you heart that I AM working on it. Lee asked the realtor about gardens. She was short, rather full framed compared to most of the Fargone population, with short curly hair and spex that oddly had a strap across the back of her head. What purpose […]

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Power back –

After 5 full days with no power and freezing temps it was finally restored today. It snowed all day too. The house is back up to 60 and it feels tropical.

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Trying something new.

I have so much written it’s hard to keep it all in mind now. I have a few scribbled ‘bibles’ but they aren’t easy to use. I don’t want to take the time to read entire books, much less series, before starting new things to refresh my memory. It’s also hard after you’ve changed a […]

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A third small snippet of HooDoo

As requested by Joyce. I’m not sure how to classify this book. Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror? The beta readers may have to inform me. I don’t want to give too much away but this gives you an idea what direction the book is taking. Uncle had a habit of producing unexpected items from his […]

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April #9 is done.

I’m sending it out to readers today and tomorrow. I have to look in my old computer to get addresses. I may cut a few off I’ve used. It takes a long time to check a large number of readers. Then I want to get the paper edition of “Family Law” back in print and […]

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A small snippet of “A Sudden Departure” April #9

Raw and unedited as usual. Not the main story line but interesting I hope.   Jonathan was sitting by the stove, sharpening his ax. It was warm now, almost too warm, because he’d been able to cut some limbs and deadfall finally to feed the stove extravagantly. The snow was receding around the chalet and […]

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