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Family Law #5 – a snippet

Lee was having breakfast on the balcony and enjoying the morning view. The Old Hotel was only four stories high, with her suite on the top floor. That was one floor higher than most of the other buildings in Derfhome, …

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Another small snippet

For April #10 = Been There, Done That
“Well you certainly look better,” Schober said.

“Much more than just look better,” Liggett assured him. “I had sausage and eggs with biscuits for breakfast a couple hours ago and feel …

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For Vision Impaired People –

I have some codes to download copies of my audiobooks. I’d like to reserve them for people who need an audiobook due to vision or other problems that make using a Kindle version difficult. If you need an audio copy …

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April 10 – A tiny snippet

“Nathan, I heard you missed your lunch companion, Adam,” Head of Security for Mars Base, Liggett asked the warehouse man, Tolly.

“Well we weren’t buddies, but I spoke to him once or twice. He seemed like a nice fellow and …

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