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Odd thoughts and commentary.

Trying something new.

I have so much written it’s hard to keep it all in mind now. I have a few scribbled ‘bibles’ but they aren’t easy to use. I don’t want to take the time to read entire books, much less series, …

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April #9 is done.

I’m sending it out to readers today and tomorrow. I have to look in my old computer to get addresses.
I may cut a few off I’ve used. It takes a long time to check a large number of readers.…

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Can’t use Kurt. Already have a character Kurt started in the last book…Oh. Got Kurt and Karl transposed a couple times. Fixed it and uploaded to Amazon. And nobody caught it….…

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A short snippet from April #9

Aaron was almost done with his supper. Karl figured he better ask him for the favor before he stood up. Aaron wasn’t big on patience to stand and listen when he was ready to march off.

“Keith Petros has a …

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