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A snippet of April 6

“Good evening, Heather.” Mo looked nervous. Why would he fall back into that mode? Was it a mistake to invite him to her private space? She hoped he wasn’t going to start addressing her as Your Majesty or something. He wasn’t sworn to her even though he owned property in her realm. He was Jeff’s […]

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Another snippet of April 6

There are so many clicks and buzzers and chimes in a spaceship it’s like having a nagging mother. Some, like a com call that isn’t flagged urgent may just be a polite *ding* that repeats every five minutes and then drops to every half hour. After a day the ships computer will even give it […]

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A short Family Law #3 snippet

“Commander Gordon,” Robert Frost, captain of the Sharp Claws appeared not just on the command audio feed but came up on the video feed to Gordon too. That indicated he had something more than routine to discuss. “Captain Frost,” Gordon acknowledged and nodded, a human gesture many of them had assimilated. “We have the first […]

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A snippet of April #6

April slouched deep down in the oversized Hardoy chair. She’d bought two in this larger size thinking they would be more comfortable for Gunny and other big men. It turned out she preferred them. The back went up high enough for her to lean her head back and the extra width spread the heavy ballistic […]

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New start to Family Law 3

The previous was pretty horrible. I trashed it and started over. This works better – more stuff happening now and less info dump. Chapter 1 Lee was strapped in watching the big plot screen above the physical view ports. There wasn’t much to see through the ports unless they were near a planet or station. […]

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Snippet of April #6 –

I may put one more after this. Un-copyedited. Changed the ending twice perfecting it… The Fox and Hare was busy. It had been so busy of late that April felt obligated to inquire what evenings were less solidly booked. The host hadn’t wanted to answer at first, firmly insisting he would accommodate her at any […]

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A snippet from April #6

Annette used to like rice. It had been an occasion treat and change of pace in their diet when she was growing up in Armstrong, the North American moon base. When her family escaped Armstrong and established residence in Central it became even rarer. In Camelot it was the main source of calories. They still […]

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Various works in progress…

I actually have seven books in progress. When I have an idea I usually start a book by writing the first chapter. I also have a few books that are just a few paragraphs on what the main story line will be. A couple are well along. One at 70k+ words. This is one where […]

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Snippet – 4th Chapter of “Family Business”

Chapter 4   The Small Fleet jumped into the alien system, all in a group, the Roadrunner carried by Murphy’s Law. It ungrappled and braked hard, staying in the fringe of the system at first. The Champion William and the Retribution took up orbit well beyond the world’s moon. High Hopes and Sharp Claws took […]

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