As requested the site has been tweaked to make it friendlier to mobile users. The slide show of Amazon offerings will be updated soon. Also my first book posted to Amazon – Paper or Plastic? – has been gone over and cleaned up quite a bit. Doing better health-wise and back at writing.

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Old stuff…

I was looking over older work I started and didn’t carry forward. I don’t think I posted this piece yet. I’ve written what I regard as firm if not hard science fiction, but I wrote a first chapter for a fantasy piece. Try not to laugh… I wonder if anybody thinks this is worth expanding […]

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A Chapter from the next April series book. (rough)

Chapter 2   Jonathan Hughes was almost done for the day. The Kings County Farmer’s Cooperative Number Three was under a hiring freeze, so he was doing the job of near two men. He couldn’t put the extra hours on his time report, but the work still had to be done. If he didn’t want […]

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Something different – A short.

Just published a short story to Amazon. “Adverse Possession” Just a fun read unrelated to any other books or shorts. Set on Mars. It will take a few hours to propagate through their system.

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