A little nature near Detroit – pix from the week

My wife is off this week. We did some day trips and enjoyed each other’s company and ate out a lot. We don’t do a lot of long trips now.

This is a picture she took at a Metro Park down in Gibralter MI. She doesn’t take many pix but she has a good eye. Click to see bigger versions of these photos. It was a pleasant park and the first time we’d been there. It has an area you can fish from very comfortably, and a boardwalk into the marsh. We saw a lot of birds we’d never seen before and in the fall we intend to go back when the hawks and eagles migrate through.





This Blue Heron rookery is near our house in Rochester MI. It is on the edge of a Super Fund site. This was shot from a business over a busy road and looking under power lines. It is about a quarter mile away. Done with a Canon Power Shot SX120compact camera – a point and shoot. So it is stretching its capacity. Shot at sunset.



This is the edge of the swamp in which the rookery stands. Notice the five egrets bedded down for the night in the trees. It was much darker than the photo suggests. I tried to zoom in on the birds, but the camera was not capable of getting a focus in the low light. There were geese in the pond. The whole place swarms with birds.

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  1. Peggy Bennett May 13, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    I happen to know where there is a whole coop of folks who like you, Mac. Beautiful photos.

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