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“April” First Chapter Snippet

Building on Prologue posted last – book is done at 200k words. A big fat book.

Chapter 1

            Art checked the time again. It was 09:27, Sunday, Oct 3, 2083. He was finally past the three day hold he’d been …

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And generations later…

The world of aliens with a racial memory described in the prologue posted last meet men. Those with the advantage of perfect memory have spread through the world and subdued it. It would be a very homogenous society but accidents …

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Prologue for new book

I would like to consider what would happen if humans meet a race with perfect memory – not just of their own life but a encyclopedic memory of their ancestor’s lives. That line of thought made me consider – How …

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Book Cover Attempt

This is my first effort at trying any ‘painting’ program. Gimp in this case. I will read the instructions and try again. He is supposed to have a middle arm in the pic but it looks like a hip…The whole …

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“Family Law” #3

Chapter 3

            Derfhome didn’t look that much different from orbit than Earth. Different shapes to the land, a little bit less water, but blue and green and brown with white swirls much the same. Lee was old enough now to …

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The Power of Science Fiction

Everything we have today such as cell phones, satellite communications, robotic surgery, lasers, personal computer, digital cameras, all sprang from the imagination of dreamers.

Somebody dreamed like this:




And then somebody did the engineering and bent some …

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