FREE Kindle download 5/12 – “Family Law”

Not Going to happen. Amazon has software issues. 5/19 maybe.

Family Law is my latest stand alone book and my best writing yet. Grab a copy and remember to review it please.

You know people who love their dogs. They put them in their will. They forgo vacations to stay home and take care of them. We are sure humans can love non-humans.

Can a dog love back or is it simple self interest? Affection or love? Unconditional or a meal-ticket? What if you dog could talk back? Would your dog be less lovable?

Is the dog part of your family or property? Who should decide that for you? How much more complicated will it be if we meet really intelligent species not human? How will we treat ‘people’ in feathers or fur? Perhaps a more difficult question is: How will they treat us?

Could humans adopt such an alien creature? Can they adopt a human child into their society?

Usually the people who have these sort of questions thrust upon them have no desire to be on the pointy end of things. They are just doing their best coping and somebody decides they don’t like it.

Of course when the adoptive father is a very smart carnivore similar in size and disposition to a grizzly bear you should at least be polite about objecting. When they are both rich and his race whooped human butts on first contact…What was your big problem again?




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