LVOTLF – my part done and other stuff

After all the beta reader remarks and corrections I’m done with “The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet and sending it to my publisher for the final detail edit. I think this is the cleanest copy I’ve put out so far. I should learn something as I go along after all.
I’ll see how long that’s going to take. If it’s very long at all I’ll put up an e-arc for sale and update it later.
I am in possession of a signed wet ink contract. I’m going to add an addendum that is already agreed to in e-mail and send it back. I’ll probably have “Family Law” as a paper book first because they have edited it already and April is in progress but big and going slow.

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  1. James June 4, 2014 at 3:00 pm #

    Any update on when the Kindle edition might be available?

    • Mac June 4, 2014 at 3:14 pm #

      I’m basically waiting on the cover. Sarah Hoyt is doing it for me. She’s a Portuguese lady who has been in the US a long time and lives in Colorado. Hangs out with the Baen publishing folks just like me, even if I don’t have anything with them. If you’ve never read her stuff she is very different than me. I really enjoy her blog more than her books. She concentrated on short stories for a long time and I found my shorts just don’t sell at ALL. I have to do some formatting to upload but that is like a half hour job. I will repost the document when I have a copy edited for paper. It’s the cleanest book I’ve had though as is. – Mac’

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