New book up – “April”

On Amazon/Kindle. I’m off B&N Nook at least temporarily while I try Amazon’s lending program to Prime. Click image for link or

April is actually the first book I wrote although I published others first. I tried publishing April with a conventional publishing house. It went through the slush process and sub-editors and then the second tier editor made quite a few good suggestions and I did some revisions before it went to the chief editor/ owner. Then it sat – for a long time. When I inquired after some months The editor I worked with so much was honest enough to tell me the chief editor had a whole list of new author’s work on her computer desktop but she was not reading any of it and would not delegate doing so.

I figured if I extended the courtesy to her of not making simultaneous submissions to other publishers as she had asked then that obligated her to make some small effort to either look at the material or tell me she wasn’t accepting anything. It turns out some authors had let her abuse them in this manner for literal years.

It is probably for the best I withdrew and published electronically. April is a honking BIG book and it would be very hard for a publisher to decide risk the money to print such and expensive big book for a new author. I had written (and sold) other material by the time I withdrew April and felt my writing was improving so it was better to publish the new material first. I did eventually get back and edit it again. New material was added and entire chapters removed. It’s better for it. In fact I an writing a sequel for it when I have not done so for any of my other books. I hope you enjoy it.

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