“The Long Voyage of the Little Fleet” stands at 89k words. I have yet to get my copy for “A Depth of Understanding back from the main editor, although I have received a lot of corrections from two other readers.
I’m pretty sure I want to put some of my books in paper this year. It will be a sharp learning curve again, but I have several people who have been through it to advise me.
Any comments on how the readers feel about it and what is reasonable to pay would be appreciated. I’m 66 and everything looks too expensive to me. Consider – I was a plumber in 1970 and lived well on $125/wk. I bought a new Boss 302 Mustang with every bell and whistle, even stuff like a Detroit Locker rear axle for $3,600. Now when I go to buy stuff my mental scale is all off. I wanted a Pendleton wool shirt the other day and it was $138. I didn’t need it that badly. Somewhere in my hind-brain it’s still telling me that’s a week’s work.

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  1. Sean February 4, 2014 at 2:04 am #

    I have similar issues with what I am comfortable with regards to prices as I still relate to decades old expenses. However in regards to your publications I would readily accept low $20’s for a book as that is the going rate over here. The fact that I will read and reread your work multiple times makes it quite economical.

    Though since getting an ipad the amount of hard copies I have purchased has greatly reduced and I only seem to buy books that I know I like and wish to have as long as I can read them.

    The flip side of relating to old prices is that my savings just seem to increase out of all proportion as well.

  2. Mac February 5, 2014 at 11:16 am #

    Yeah I feel rich with a free 20 in my pocket… ; )

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