“The Middle of Nowhere”

My copy editor is working on it. I intend to post it to Amazon at $2.99 for a week. That is out of respect for the folks who are following the series. After that I intend to bump it up to $3.99.

Two reasons. First, the expense of professional copy editing is substantial. It might take me a year to recover it at $2.99. But lack of editing  is the only consistent complaint people send me. So I feel it was the right thing to do.

Secondly, pretty much all the other indie authors who publish in small houses or on Amazon insist that $2.99 taints a book as being crap. They insist they sell more at higher prices. The exception being a couple who sell single short stories as stand alone offers.

I’ve already contracted to have the next April series book “A Different Perspective” copy edited. So the original three books are the only ones that are going to be $2.99. I don’t think one dollar will keep most people from buying a book if they know they want it. Even for myself – I’m on Social Security Disability – and a dollar isn’t a make or break deal. However I want to be very certain I am going to be happy with a book that is $10 or more. Very sure.

I doubt I will pay to go back and have the first two April books edited. Unless there is a dramatic increase in sales at the higher price I doubt I will increase their price. You are welcome to comment on your feelings and assessment.¬† Keep in mind also that I have periodically offered all my books entirely free. I think though that poor is relative. Anybody wanting my books is doing well enough to keep an online presence. I don’t think you can have an Amazon account without posting a credit card. You couldn’t when I signed up at least. So I doubt anyone reading my stuff is homeless, looking at it in the public library. None of my books are DRM. If you truly know a homeless impoverished person you may give them a copy with my blessings.

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