Forgot to post – “Going Up?” – free today!

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Mac' Chandler is a retired in the pleasant little town of Rochester MI and writes when he isn't puttering about being a house husband. I've taken to posting my writing for sale on Kindle. I hang out at Baen Bar Chat and shoot rifles even older than me. I've worked so many jobs it is hard to remember them all. Most had to do with some flavor of machining or construction. In particular I was a mold maker and a plumber. I enjoy photography and when I have the patience drawing. For some reason animals like me, not so much people. I stop at garage sales when I see them as well as most red lights. If you see a beat up old black pickup truck that looks like it needs towed I may be somewhere close.
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2 Responses to Forgot to post – “Going Up?” – free today!

  1. ben says:

    I suppose I should check your website on weekends. I keep missing these one day only deals.

    • Mac says:

      There is an RSS feed on the main page right under the graphic on the top right. It’s not like I post six times a day or send you spam to flood you with junk. But I’ll send you a copy since you missed.

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